Who is she

“Oooooh my turn!”, Vanessa shouted, “Jhonathan, you were born 1997 may 14th in Brooklyn. Your favorite color is green and you’ve had a crush on Emma Bosworth since elementary”
The room burst into laughter. I gripped my tea tightly in my hands, the cup burning my fingertips. It was my turn to be read like a book.
Adam cleared his throat and everyone silenced and turned to face me.
“Luna Willowbrook. Born in 1998.. One of the biggest teases at —– high” everyone chuckled and nodded, “and.. Hmm.. Anyone else wanna take a shot?”
Everyone shifted around the room uncomfortably. Realization swept through all their faces one by one, that the girl who they spent almost every second with for the past year remained a mystery.
I laughed,”I won losers”, everyone joined in my laughter.

My past was not one I wished to revisit.

Everyone in my house has been fighting against each other for two weeks now. Well, it’s mostly my sister who’s the main target. Point she won’t even smile, and of course I’m not going to talk about my silly little crushes with her when we have such large problems in our lives. At this point, relationships are so minimal to me I don’t need to tell anyone about them but myself. So when I decided to tell her about the guy I had a date with on Monday, she grew angry and told me that she had “never heard of this guy at all before” and that I was being one of those girls who gets swooned too easily . And now you have demonstrated why I don’t tell you anything. Like god forbid I’m happier than everyone else around me. We all know the youngest isn’t being affected by everyone above her at all.

I no longer wish to come home.